Who we are..

We’re a registered Corporation in Uganda, now installing Solar Home Systems (SHS) in several districts ; Masaka, Rakai, Sembabule, Kampala, Mbarara, Isingiro, Bushenyi, Ntungamu, Mitooma, Buhweju, Rubirizi, Kiruhura, Lyantonde, Ibanda, and kabaale. SOSTAP is now mostly in Mbarara serving districts of : Isingiro, Bushenyi, Ntungamu, Mitooma, Buhweju, Rubirizi, Kiruhura, Lyantonde, Ibanda, and kabaale.

Reliable and Affordable Power Solutions.

  1. SOSTAP LTD offers different solar systems (see a list of attached systems and there prices) depending on customer needs and financial capacity.
  2. SOSTAP also offers free user and maintenance training to its customers. This helps them to maintain their systems properly.
  3. SOSTAP has field officers that look for customers and link those who can’t afford the lump sum cost of our systems to banks/credit institution (that SOSTAP has a memorandum of understanding especially SACCOS)
  4. Upgrading of solar systems
  5. Theft-proof installation
  6. DC radios and TVs Read more about our Products.



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Company Motto

Customer satisfaction is our strength

Mission statement

The mission of SOSTAP limited is to ensure that every person access quality solar products at relatively affordable prices for the benefits of all people.

Vision statement

Lighting Uganda with environmentally friendly affordable energy.

Scope of Business:

Sostap has installed over 900 house Continue Reading….



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What We Offer..

Quality & Commitment…

All Sostap systems come with a monitoring system that helps to monitor how the system works.

The products also come with a two years warrant and a 25 years warrant for solar panels. Sostap uses qualified engineers and technicians to ensure quality.

Sostap also offers a two-year free maintenance services from the date of installation to all its systems.


Solar for Community Schools

Sostap has installed over 900 house hold solar systems in the south and western Uganda. The company has also installed and upgraded solar systems for Non government organizations, schools and private institutions.

SOSTAP intends to expand and reach more than 2000 customers in the coming 3 years.  It has well-trained and experienced employees with three years experience in solar installation, supply and maintenance.

Complete solar home systems with warrant.


The company supplies Solar Home Systems (SHS) with power for lighting, cell phones, radio/TV and small electrical appliances to customers in both Urban and rural areas. A SHS consists of a solar panel, a battery, inverter and a regulator.

The company provides solar customers with on-going technical support, training, supply of Sostap solar products and after sale services with its systems having a warranty of 18 months.

Community Sensitization and training.

Kinoni Solar Village launch funded by SENDEA

Not only does the company supplies, installs and distributes solar systems but it also provides training to people in Community.

about the benefits of solar systems, how to use and maintain them.

Customers that can’t afford the lump sum amount of our solar systems are connected to financial institution that sostap has a Memorandum of Understanding with.

Other Products..  Continue Reading…

Why use solar energy?

Because of the positive impacts it can have for you…

why solar2
Why Solar Energy?

As a homeowner, this is one of the first questions that comes up when you are considering the use of solar energy for your home. Every homeowner will have their own specific reasons for going solar, but the majority can be grouped into three categories:

  • Environmental Impact
  • Financial Benefits
  • Energy Independence

Environmental Impact

why solar
Advantages of Solar Power

Many homeowners choose to use solar energy because of the positive impact they will have on the environment.

Global warming and climate change are major issues facing the world today… and you can be part of the solution by taking advantage of solar energy!

Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy doesn’t produce the harmful pollutants responsible for increasing the greenhouse effect which leads to global warming.

Solar energy is a clean and sustainable source of energy that you can use for solar electricity, solar heating, solar cooling, and solar lighting.

By using solar energy, you…

  • Will reduce your carbon footprint, and
  • Can feel good about being a responsible global citizen

Financial Benefits

Why Solar Energy is the best option

Another key factor for homeowners considering solar energy is the financial aspect.

The financial benefits of solar energy can be seen in reduced utility payments as you use solar energy for electricity, heating, cooling, and lighting. In addition, by reducing your homes operating costs you are also increasing the value of Continue Reading……

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